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Facial Therapies

Indulge your senses and treat your skin with our luxurious and pampering facials.  We proudly offer Eminence Organic skincare in our facial treatments.  Eminence is a 100% organic skincare line that is made without parabens, animal by-products or other harmful chemicals.  All of the ingredients contain potent healing and beautifying properties to give your skin a healthy nourished glow.

Classic Facial

Rejuvenate your skin using only the best organic skin care.  Relax into a pampering experience that is customized for your personal skin’s needs.  Cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and deeply nourish the skin for a hydrated and flawless look.

Facial Express

Looking for a quick pick-me-up or have a special event? Our express facial calms irritation and replenishes lost nutrients to renew and restore the skin.  This is perfect for beautiful skin on the go.

Deep Cleansing Facial

This facial is great for skin that needs a little extra TLC.  Purifying and detoxifying, this facial is ideal for congested or problematic skin types. Revive skin’s healthy balance and restore vitality.

Rejuvenate Facial

Let your stress melt away with this pampering facial.  Stimulating ingredients help exfoliate and revive tired, dull skin.  Replenish hydration and refine texture for a radiant look, infusing skin with nutrients for renewed radiance.  Rejuvenate yourself!

Illuminating Facial

Awaken your skin’s natural inner beauty with this exquisite facial peel.  The Eminence Arctic berry Pro Peel will refine skin texture, even skin tone and boost collagen production.  This peel perfectly blends multiple alpha-hydroxy acids as well as anti-oxidant rich arctic berries to dramatically refine the skin and reduce hyperpigmentation.

Teen Facial

This refining customized facial helps gently clarify skin for a clear complexion.  Sooth irritated blemish-prone skin to restore its healthy balance.  Expert analysis and professional guidance will help teens start a specialized skincare routine of their own.

Men’s Facial

Customized to the needs of men and their daily skincare rituals and concerns.  This treatment enhances skins vitality while soothing irritation caused by shaving.  Skin is left hydrated and restored.

Collagen Boosting Peptide Facial

Diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles with The Smart collagen+ complex and potent plant peptides in our Eminence marine flower and peptide firming facial.  This nurturing facial uses plant derived peptides and marine collagen to strengthen skin and boost hydration for visibly smoother, plumper skin.  Peptides have an important role in preserving collagen and signaling the body to produce more collagen.

IS Clinical – “Fire + Ice” Facial

The IS Clinical “Fire + Ice” facial combines a powerful exfoliating peel and a facial treatment into one!  The “Fire” aspect is powerful antioxidants, botanical acids, retinol and Niacin.  Feel the warmth as this peel resurfaces the skin, leaving it smooth and radiant.  The “Ice” portion is a burst of cool and soothing hydration, that contains high levels of hyaluronic acid and natural extracts to balance the skin. This treatment is for anyone who is looking to treat hyperpigmentation, ageing, and acne (grades 1-3).  No down-time just a radiant healthy glow!

Eltraderm Signature Collagen Facial

Our signature Eltraderm collagen facial is an effective anti-ageing solution. The skin is made up of 70% collagen, as we age collagen diminishes leaving the skin less firm and hydrated. Eltraderm products are made with pure extracted acido-soluble marino collagen, this allows deep penetration into the skin helping repair and rebuild the collagen structures, which in turn improves skin hydration. Highly recommended for mature skin.


Pore congestion can increase the pore’s appearance making pores and texture more noticeable.  With the use of extractions, your pore will be cleaned out and their appearance reduced.  By gently extracting these pollutants, you will notice a clearer, healthier appearance to the skin.


Hydrafacial is a comfortable and relaxing facial that combines deep cleansing, exfoliation, pore extractions and hydration with powerful antioxidants. This is a no-downtime treatment that is highly effective for addressing hyperpigmentation, fine lines, skin congestion and large pores. Hydrafacial offers instant, noticeable results with no irritation or dryness.  This facial uses medical grade solutions to cleanse and hydrate while simultaneously vacuuming the skins surface with specialized treatment heads.

The 3 main steps in a hydrafacial are:

  • Cleanse and peel – Uncover a new layer of skin with gentle exfoliation and relaxing resurfacing.
  • Extract and hydrate – Remove debris from pores with painless suction. Nourish with intense moisturizers that quench skin.
  • Infuse and protect – bathe the skin with antioxidants and peptides to maximize your glow.

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